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Youth Services

Eligible individuals receive in-depth assessment and job preparation workshops, which prepare them for classroom or the employers site, at public or private vocational schools, colleges or universities found at Services for eligible youth, 14 - 24 years of age, include pre-employment training, work experience and internships, career preparation, occupational skills training, academic enrichment and job placement assistance.


Get Connected! Get Paid!


   Community Service &

        Job Training Opportunities

           For High School Juniors & Seniors

Fit For Gold Tutoring & Fitness Academy


  • Earn Paid Work Experience AND receive high school credit as a mentor/tutor to young children


  • Learn about careers in teaching, fitness or nutrition


  • Get connections to college and scholarships


Bridge-to-Work program 

  • For young adults (16-20) who are out of school and out of work.

Blueprint for Workplace Success Job Training


  • How to get and keep a job and advance to a career


  • Tips and tools for filling out job applications


Job club

  • Career interest and aptitude assessments - match your skills to the right job

  • Job placement services - referral to current job openings

  • Job fairs, company tours, job shadowing

  • Job interviewing techniques, including how to dress for success


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