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Meet Faaris Hazara

Workforce Challenge:

Upon completing high school, Faaris Hazara, an 18-year-old aspiring mechanical engineer, sought employment in his field of interest. He encountered difficulties navigating the workforce and turned to the South Bay One-Stop Center in Torrance for guidance.

Workforce Solution:

He enrolled in the Aero-Flex Pre-Apprenticeship program through Youth at Work. Faaris completed Blueprint for Workplace Success, technical skills classes through Tooling U-SME, and gained valuable experience through a paid work opportunity at OSI Optoelectronics in Hawthorne.

Outcome and Benefits:

Following the program, Faaris received interview and resume assistance through the One-Stop Center and completed another paid work experience at OSI Optoelectronics. His internships provided him with valuable knowledge of the manufacturing business and teamwork skills, leading to a full-time position as an assembler at OSI.

“The results I received from participating in this program were more than I expected. I am much more prepared to be a part of the workforce and understand it better.”

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