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Meet Carina Noyola

Workforce Challenge:

Carina Noyola, a 24-year-old from Lawndale, struggled to provide for herself financially with limited work experience but wanted to work in a professional level position.

Workforce Solution:

With a positive outlook, she turned to the South Bay One-Stop Center in Inglewood in August 2021. Following her orientation, she received assistance in resume writing and was offered an On-the-Job Training (OJT) assignment as a communications assistant at Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce.

Outcome and Benefits:

Upon completion of her OJT assignment and armed with a stronger resume, Carina applied for a job with Musiker Discovery Program and was hired as a coordinator with a starting wage of $25 an hour.

“The SBWIB created a personalized plan for success that helped me to obtain my first job! Recently, I have finished my Master’s Degree in Communications Management and the SBWIB still continues to help me grow in my professional journey.”

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