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Zephyr Tool Group - INGLEWOOD

Workforce History:

Zephyr Tool Group has established a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of assembly and fastener installation tools for the aerospace industry. Finding qualified personnel to run their CNC, grinding, and heat treat machines has always presented a challenge. Zephyr has opened their doors to machinist interns from our Bridge-to-Manufacturing program and allowed them to shadow their experienced machinists in house. Within a short period of time, the interns were running Zephyr’s sophisticated CNC machines. They were also grinding and utilizing the heat treat process to manufacture tool bits and fasteners for the airline and aerospace industries.

SBWIB Partnership:

Zephyr also is a volunteer partner of the SBWIB’s manufacturing sector work group. The group of eighteen Bridge-to-Manufacturing interns gained valuable work experience learning how to run and maintain the machines at Zephyr and manufacture special tools. As a result, Zephyr hired some of the interns for full-time employment.

Outcome and Benefits:

Zephyr continues to lend us a hand by allowing high school students, in a manufacturing Career Pathway, to intern. The interns gain hands-on experience by running sophisticated manufacturing machines and learning to manufacture Zephyr’s impressive line of tools.

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