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One-Stop Centers  offer convenient access to a wide array of services.  Job information, training and job placement services including job club, labor market information, career workshops, job and career placement assistance, individualized assessment and much more are available. All of our services are free!

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Adult Success Stories

Meet Marisa Soto

“I would (and constantly do) tell others in career transition to reach out and take advantage of the services the One-Stop Center offers. Also, to be open to and listen closely to the advice they’ll get and make the most of it.”

Meet Robert Smith

“The best advice for transitioning personnel is networking, networking, networking for unfortunately I didn’t have that luxury and it affected me greatly, but I will state that you guys put your best foot forward and kept me informed of all available opportunities.”

Meet LaWanda Staten - Gardena

“I’m so grateful to all the Gardena staff that helped me during a tumultuous period in my life. They assisted me with brushing up on my interviewing skills and updating my resume and providing job leads. I had access to all types of resources to help me get back into the workforce! It truly is a one-stop shop to get everything you need in order to become employable!”

Meet Sogigie Sherfa - Lomita

"I appreciate all that the One-Stop has done to help me with increasing my work skills. I hope to continue to make my parents proud."

View a current list of South Bay companies that are hiring. 

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