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RWM Fiber Optics - Carson

Workforce History:

Since 1994, RWM has specialized in Fiber Optic, Network Cabling (UTP), Cable Television, and Satellite Installation training. The mission of RWM Fiber Optics is to empower a diverse student body by teaching academic concepts and technological skills and by instilling in students the importance of effective, responsible application of their knowledge to succeed in a highly competitive, technologically changing world.

Workforce Challenge:

RWM has been a valued i-TRAIN partner since 1994 and has provided numerous training opportunities to adult, dislocated workers, and Veteran clients. A rapidly growing industry coupled with changes within the vocational education industry led to immediate staffing needs in the areas of administrative staff, admissions personnel, and instructors.

Outcome and Benefits:

While the SBWIB and South Bay One-Stop Business and Career Center - Inglewood have had a long standing relationship with RWM as a training provider, the relationship has expanded to include employment opportunities for SBWIB clients. Recently, the RWM has hired a total of 6 job seekers from various programs including dislocated worker, adult, 25%, and Transitional Subsidized Employment Program.

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