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Workforce History:

Morf3D was founded in 2015 by Ivan Madera, CEO and Olya Havell, Vice President of Finance. They began with a small team and established their headquarters in El Segundo. Over the last several years this family-owned startup has been making its mark on aerospace, proving that there is no match for hard work and good ideas.

Workforce Challenge:

Morf3D was faced with a decrease in customer contracts and financial cuts across the board. Company growth had paused and employee skills gaps became more visible. Human Resources at Morf3D no longer had the resources to recruit and hire new employees or offer external training to current employees. The internship program that Morf3D ran for the last four summers seemed like an impossibility as well.

Outcomes & Benefits:

Through a partnership established with the SBWIB, two On-the-Job Training programs were set up to provide the company with wage supplements for interns. Being able to maintain the Morf3D internship program meant that the company could continue the program, while still providing customers the highest quality products.

"The generous support of the South Bay Workforce Investment Board is a testiment to their commitment to our community. In the wake of the hardships our community and our country currently face, it is the strength of operations like SBWIB that keep us going. I greatly encourage you to strike a partnership with SBWIB, it is a worthy process made easy by their case workers and coordinators."

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