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Lomita Chamber of Commerce - LOMITA

Workforce History:

The Lomita Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization composed of 350 businesses. The Chamber needed assistance with their front office.

SBWIB Partnership:

The Chamber reached out to the SBWIB for assistance with their staffing needs. As a non-profit organization, the Lomita Chamber was eligible for the Transitional Subsidized Employment program where they could receive assistance for eight months and train someone for their position. Not only would the organization receive help but they would also help someone gain the skills to make a bridge to employment and if this person should work out, possibly hire him/her.

Outcome and Benefits:

One such hire was placed at the Chamber to help with the day to day tasks of answering the phone and assisting local businesses. She did such a great job that she advanced through the company and eventually became Executive Director.

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