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Chevron - EL SEGUNDO

Workforce History:

Chevron Products Company is a global energy producer and its Chevron El Segundo Refinery is the largest producing oil refinery on the West Coast. The El Segundo Refinery was built in 1911. The City of El Segundo (Spanish for “the second”) was named after the refinery. This was the second refinery built by the Standard Oil Company, which later became Chevron, in California.

SBWIB Partnership:

Chevron is dedicated to preserving a robust and diverse natural environment in the surrounding areas. Chevron also invests in improving public health, bolstering education and boosting local economies. Chevron Refinery has partnered with the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB) on a continuous basis. In its commitment to its employees, Chevron together with SBWIB, has developed a Trainee Program for new hires.

Outcome and Benefits:

Outcome and Benefits:

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