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Bay Alarm - Gardena

Workforce History:

Located in the city of Gardena, Bay Alarm has provided countless employment and career opportunities to South Bay residents this year with an increased focus on post 9/11 and homeless Veterans. As the nation’s largest independent alarm company, Bay Alarm provides security and fire protection systems to more than 145,000 residential and commercial customers throughout the state of California. This sector- based approach to employment and training has resulted in successful coordination among key education and training programs to drive workforce solutions in the areas of Construction & Utilities. Working in partnership with South Bay Business & Career Centers – Inglewood and its strategic partners, the company has embraced a commitment to hiring our nation’s heroes and has provided employment opportunities to Veterans as Installation Technicians. Installation Technicians are responsible for Installation, programming, and repair of security systems or fire alarm wiring and equipment.

Workforce Challenge:

The United States military has undergone one of the largest reductions of forces in recent history, leaving some of our bravest, most skilled workers out of a job. As they return from deployments, veterans are facing difficulties reentering the workforce and often face the challenge of not knowing how to leverage the extensive training and experience they have gained through their military service. At the same time, the wireless industry is experiencing one of the most expansive build-out and upgrade periods ever. Carriers, utilities, federal agencies, wireless vendors and system integrators across the United States are facing a critical shortage of qualified and trained workers to support new and ongoing projects, significantly impacting the entire wireless technology ecosystem. It is estimated there are between 8,000 and 10,000 open positions that need to be filled in the next 18-36 months to keep pace with the industry-wide expansion and upgrade. The majority of those open positions require skill sets nearly identical to wireless deployment, maintenance and technical support positions of the military.

Outcome and Benefits:

Utilizing WIOA and HVRP funded Occupational Skills Training programs this year, South Bay Business & Career Centers- Inglewood continues to optimize the investment our country has made in our military personnel – and takes a collaborative approach in working with those focused on hiring veterans. Additionally, collaborations with valued I-train partners who provide industry recognized certifications for employment in the telecommunications industry enables companies such as Bay Alarm to keep pace with market demands. The strategic alignment and collaboration within this sector partnership continues to bridge the gap between the demand for trained and deployable technicians, and the thousands of qualified service men and women eager to transfer the skills they have learned in the military. Continued coordination with industry partners such as Bay Alarm and key education partners has resulted in giving Veterans transitional support and building blocks they need for an exciting and fulfilling career in the our rapidly growing industry.

"I have a passion for learning about the communities that we serve and understanding the unique customer base that makes up this territory. Safe, secure neighborhoods happen when communities build programs that empower, educate, and improve quality of life for those who live and work there.”

Ryan Steiger
South Bay Manager
Bay Alarm

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