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ONE-STOP SERVICES - Business Services

Recruitment Assistance - For businesses in search of employees we offer a wide array of services designed to present you with the best possible staff:
  • Developing recruitment strategies

  • Marketing / Publicizing of position(s)

  • Identifying required skills/skills testing

  • Generating qualified applicants

  • Screening resumes and applications

The South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB) oversees an 11-city consortium in the South Bay Area. Through this partnership, more than 100,000 youth, adults and dislocated workers annually receive a wide range of self-help and staff-assisted career services including labor market information, on-line career profiles, career interest inventories, supportive service referrals, vocational counseling, technical training and job placement assistance.


New Website: Announcing This new website provides online education and training to business owners and their employees at an affordable price. is a regional collaboration led by the SBWIB to help South Bay Cities and business succeed in a competitive marketplace. The website is designed as a tool for layoff aversion, business retention and business attraction efforts and provides business and governments with the critical data they need to evaluate trends and make important business decisions. 


Click below to view a profile on each city, get demographic information and to view commercial real estate currently available.






  • Prescreening applicants (interviewing)

  • Reference/background checks

  • Referral of finalist

  • Profiling position

Other Services
Resource Assistance - Assist employers in identifying appropriate resources to meet their training needs for new and incumbent workers. 
  • Applying for grants and grant management

  • Veteran services

  • Customized training

  • Tax Credits

  • Small Business Development Services

On-The-Job Training (OJT) Reimbursement

OJT allows employers to hire motivated/dedicated employees. The new employee(s) receive training from the employer and the South Bay One-Stop Business &  Career Centers reimburse the employer a percentage of the wages paid during training.


Teleconferencing Service

Our Teleconferencing Center offers point-to-point video teleconferencing services. This includes complete dial-up face-to-face meeting and training opportunities as the user. For the advanced user we offer a Socrates Teaching Podium that allows the operator to also include multimedia elements into the conference. For more information on teleconferencing call 310.680.3700 or 310.970.7700


Assistance with Downsizing & Business Closures

Employee layoff is among the most difficult functions an employer must perform. We have a variety of services that will ease this process.


  • Layoff planning with an employment counselor trained in human resource management and crisis intervention.

  • On-Site counselors available during announcements and/or separation days.

  • Orientation to all Dislocated Worker services (including outplacement services and Unemployment Insurance eligibility.)

  • All services may be held in either the employer facility or one of our Career Centers.

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