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Meet Shane Wagner

After taking a number of classes at multiple community colleges, including El Camino College, and working at Sling Pilot Academy at the Torrance Airport, Shane Wagner became the first company’s first apprentice and enrolled in the West Los Angeles College’s Aircraft Structures Mechanic Assembler apprenticeship in April 2021. Shane finished his Aero-Flex apprenticeship in March after completing the remaining courses and learning on the job. Shane completed his Aero-Flex apprenticeship in March. He received a wage increase and certificates of completion from the U.S. Department of Labor and the State of CA.


“It is a great privilege to receive this Aircraft Structures Mechanic Assembler certification from the Department of Labor and State of CA. I am thoroughly indebted to the skilled technicians, pilots and instructors at Sling Pilot Academy, Rotax Flying and Safety Club, and San Jose State University.”

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