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Meet Gesenia Grajeda - Lawndale

Workforce Challenge:

In 2020 Gesenia Grajeda went to the One-Stop Center in Inglewood for help re-starting her career in advanced manufacturing after being sidelined by COVID.


Workforce Solution:

With limited employment history in the aerospace industry, Gesenia and her career counselor developed an employment plan that included wage-based learning activities to that could help her gain career mobility in advanced manufacturing.

Outcome and Benefits:

She was accepted into a paid on-the-job training opportunity with Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach as a CNC Machine Technician. She completed the 12-week training in February 2021, reached all desired benchmarks, and was retained as a full time CNC Machinist with an hourly wage of $28.09.

Gesenia is grateful for the support services received that helped her start a new career and meet her goals of having mobility and wage advancement opportunities.

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