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Meet Darrell Ray Edwards

Workforce Challenge:

Darrell Ray Edwards, who was living in a transitional housing program was referred to us by his Parole agent shortly after his release from State prison serving a nearly 30-year life sentence. He had limited work history and also faced challenges with his use and understanding of technology.


Workforce Solution:

Prior to his incarceration, Darrell served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam era, which made him eligible for specialized services for Veterans including housing, healthcare, disability benefits and supportive services. He also received assistance in the areas of email use, resume preparation, accessing online applications, financial literacy, and various other valuable resources.

Outcome and Benefits:

Darrell began a subsidized Paid Work Experience program as an industrial mechanic trainee with a Gardena based vitamin packaging company. While in custody of the State, Darrell obtained experience working with industrial machines and performing general maintenance duties, making him an ideal candidate for this position. Upon completing his work experience, Darrell successfully secured a permanent position with the same company. He is grateful for the services received and is diligently working and saving to get a car and an apartment.

“I am grateful for the services received from staff, I now have two primary objectives and I’m diligently working and saving “to get a car and an apartment.’”

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