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Meet Brittany Head – Torrance

Workforce Challenge:

Brittany Head, a 32-year old mother of five children had been a successful self-employed Health Educator/Project Specialist for 22 months. But early in 2019 she had to close her business due to an economic downturn and the loss of the contract with a company that had partnered with her. After applying for 60 positions in health education and two unsuccessful job interviews Brittany realized she lacked Six Sigma and Project Management certifications.


Workforce Solution:

Being ineligible for unemployment benefits and unable to gain employment for eight months, she turned to the South Bay One-Stop Business Center Carson and after participating in an orientation session, she was assigned to a case worker and together they came to the realization that she would have to gain Six Sigma Project Management Certification to be more competitive in the job market. Brittany was determined to be eligible for a WIOA grant and enrolled in Six Sigma Lean Black Belt with Project Management training at New Horizon Career Development Solutions.

Outcome and Benefits:

Several weeks after earning her certifications, Brittany secured employment as a Health Education & Quality Coordinator at Memorial Care – Seaside Health Plan earning $36.06 an hour plus benefits.

“With the services I received from the One-Stop staff and the grant to cover my training, my hopes and dreams came full circle. If you ever become unemployed get to the Carson One-Stop because the staff is so helpful and professional and their services were always timely and their directions and instructions were clear and precise.”

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