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Meet Ron Allen

Workforce Challenge:

Fifty-five-year-old veteran and Torrance resident, Ron Allen, was in desperate need of employment after being unemployed for more than five months. He was in search of employment that would be a good fit for him with the skills and experience he possessed.


Workforce Solution:

Mr. Allen visited the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Center and went through an assessment process to identify the opportunities and assistance the One-Stop Center could provide.

Outcome and Benefits:

With the help of his case manager, he applied to multiple jobs and was immediately contacted by employers. He landed a job within a week at ASC Protection as an Executive. The position offered Ron a great compensation package and a balanced work/life schedule.

“Find the nearest office to you, take advantage of all the services, you never know what opportunities may be available. The counselors are available for resume critiques, revisions, and are knowledgeable about the job openings and can even fund training that may be beneficial to continued education to help make you a better candidate for prospective employers.”

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