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Meet Sheyona Grayson

Workforce Challenge:

Sheyona Grayson aspired for a career in the construction sector. The pervasive shortage of women in non-traditional roles provided Ms. Grayson a unique opportunity to secure a position working in the sector.


Workforce Solution:

While Ms. Grayson had no prior construction experience, her desire to join the trades like many of the men in her family, made her an ideal candidate for an apprenticeship with IBEW Local 11 Electrical Union. She received test preparation materials and quickly immersed herself in the material in hopes of receiving a qualifying score on the entrance exam that would then lead to a union sponsorship.

Outcome and Benefits:

Ms. Grayson successfully passed the Electrical Union entrance exam and was subsequently sponsored into local 11 Electrical Union and dispatched to the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park project in Inglewood as a 1st Tier Apprentice. Since becoming a Union Electrician, she is very active in her community encouraging women to pursue the trades and letting them know that if she can do it, they can too!

“Traditionally men have been the breadwinners, I am proud to say that now I am the bread winner in my family.”

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