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Meet Michael Fox

Workforce Challenge:

Michael Fox, a Non Destructive Testing technician for SpaceX, visited the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Center - Inglewood in September 2017 for assistance in upscaling his skills.


Workforce Solution:

Michael was enrolled in a work-based training and up-skilling program to receive specialized competencies in liquid penetrant, radiographic, ultrasonic, or magnetic particle testing.

Outcome and Benefits:

Since completing his coursework in January 2018, Michael has also completed the Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel Certification from the American Society of Nondestructive Testing ASNT. As part of the SpaceX precision tube fabrication team, Michael has an hourly wage over $26.00 and continues to make important strides in his career path and anticipates continued growth within the company and the industry.

“This program has helped me advance in my career and has given me opportunities for cross training with other teams. I am an advocate for this program and want others to know that these opportunities are out there. I am very interested in giving back to the community and want to help others pursue careers in NDT”

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