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Meet Gloria Fernandez

Workforce Challenge:

Gloria Fernandez, mother of two daughters from South Los Angeles, made the brave decision to leave a violent relationship. Then after for four years she struggled, last year she was evicted from her home after the landlord’s dog had bitten her mother, mother-in-law and daughter’s father. With no funds, no job and homeless, Ms. Fernandez moved to a small bedroom with her two daughters. Before moving out, in February, she had received an appointment letter from Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN). After reviewing her needs she was quickly accepted for services.


Workforce Solution:

Ms. Fernandez was signed up for the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF), where she was able to apply for low income housing while her daughters were in school and day care. She was informed about the Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) program and signed up. She met with her case manager in March, who later that week informed her about a position to be her assistant at the UAW-LETX office. Although the commute was far, Ms. Fernandez took the job.

Outcome and Benefits:

In April, Ms. Fernandez and her daughters moved to their own apartment. In May, she purchased her own car. After being in the program, she was hired at HOPICS, and worked for two months until she received a new job opportunity. Ms. Fernandez was informed her previous case manager had taken another job, making her position available. Ms. Fernandez is now a TSE Program Case Manager for UAW-LETC.

“I thank god every day for all the opportunities and blessings I have received. I am grateful for the TSE program for helping individuals like myself to learn, grow and succeed in life.”

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