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Meet Toni Smith – Inglewood

Workforce Challenge:

Toni Smith, Inglewood resident and single mother was laid off from her job as a Marketing Director.


Workforce Solution:

In hopes of finding services that would help her achieve her employment and training goals following her layoff, she attended an orientation the South Bay One-Stop Career Center – Inglewood hosted on July 2015. She was deemed eligible and enrolled for the Dislocated Worker Program.

Outcome and Benefits:

After completing career counseling sessions and working with her career counselor to develop an individual employment plan, Ms. Smith decided to pursue training at University of Western California. She completed a real estate course and is now a full time licensed Real Estate agent for Jazzed Realty Inc. in the Inglewood area. The nature of the industry is wage based plus commission.

“I make more money than ever, pursuing a career in real estate is the best thing to happen to my career.”

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