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Meet Andrea Dean – Los Angeles

Workforce Challenge:

Andrea Dean, single mother of two boys, a nine and nineteen-year-old, was jobless and homeless at the time she was referred to the South Bay One-Stop Career Center – Inglewood for services. Taking care of her family was priority.


Workforce Solution:

Ms. Dean received assistance from her job developer, Ms. Irish, who met with her for job development sessions. The sessions included: resume development and building; mock interviewing preparation and job search. Ms. Dean received quality job leads on a weekly basis and was referred to several employers by Ms. Irish. She was interviewed for an Office Clerk position at Apothecary Pharmacy and started working on June 13, 216. Ms. Dean received housing assistance from Ms.

Mackabee, a representative at Senior Employment Resources (SER) who contacted the Downtown Women’s Center and assisted Ms. Dean in finding her and her sons a home. She received a raise a month into the job and took on new responsibilities beyond office clerk.

Outcome and Benefits:

Ms. Dean was contacted for follow-up a year later on July 28, 2017. It was reported that Ms. Dean is still working for the same company and is running the office, by managing the payroll, accounting, billing, ordering, prescription orders and deliveries. Her nine-year-old son is in school and plays sports and her nineteen-year-old son is still working at the Double Tree and completed the OSHA training from the One-Stop’s We Build Program.

“I am very happy and grateful for Inglewood One-Stop for helping my family build a road to success and security,”

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