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Meet Jae Barton - Carson

Workforce Challenge:

Jae Barton was a successful hardworking single parent of a four-year old boy. In October 2015, as she worked two jobs while continuing her quest to earn her PhD in Psychology, an opportunity arose to interview for a position within her chosen field. She accepted the offer and resigned her current jobs, but while being processed for the new position it was determined she didn’t have all the necessary qualifications to do the job after all, and as a result, did not get hired.

Suddenly she was out of work and no longer had medical coverage, which she needed to get treatment for her son. Jae applied for other work, but nothing developed.


Workforce Solution:

Jae went to the Department of Public Social Services office in Inglewood seeking help. It was there that she found out about the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Center and its various services, including the Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) program.

Outcome and Benefits:

Jae enrolled in the job development program and learned how to improve her resume and make it compatible with the current technology utilized by HR professionals. She was referred to the Carson One-Stop Center. Her case manager was very impressed with her resume and scheduled her for an interview with U.S. Vets, a nonprofit veteran’s assistance agency in Long Beach. She was selected for a position under the TSE program. After completing her on-the-job training, she was hired as a Treatment Liaison Case Manager and within a few months she received a promotion.

​Later, Jae accepted a position with the State of California as a counselor and has earned a second M.S. degree in Psychology. She now has a stable income and is continuing her pursuit for a professional license.

“I have always run my life by my quote, ‘Determination does not entertain contemplation’, and because the staff at the one stop were both professional and caring, they never stopped believing in me, and they were committed to my success. I was determined to not let them down, because my success was their story. One must always remain humble, as you never know the infinite possibilities that life has plan for you, embrace the struggle there is so much to learn from life, only one way to go once you hit rock button! UP!!"

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