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Meet LaPorche Barley - Marina Del Rey

Workforce Challenge:

LaPorche Barley, a 27 year old single mother, was on public assistance, homeless and unable to find employment. Due to her hardship she had to stop her education and turned to her local GAIN office to learn about options regarding employment and going back to school. Not long after, LaPorche was told about the TSE program.


Workforce Solution:

She eagerly applied for the TSE program and despite not being accepted after her first employer interview, she was offered a second chance with the JVSLA Worksource Center in Marina Del Rey. LaPorche impressed the interviewer with her enthusiasm and was offered a TSE position in the Business Services section.

Though she began working with the mindset that she would need to continue seeking other full time employment beyond the TSE assignment, LaPorche began job shadowing co-workers at the center and quickly learned procedures and what services they provided to the public while realizing the sense of appreciation others had for her.

Outcome and Benefits:

Based on her performance and previous education background in business administration, she was hired full time at the conclusion of her TSE assignment with a starting salary of $15/hour.

LaPorche summarizes her success with a paraphrase of a Sidney Greenberg quote. “A successful man [woman] is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him [her].”

​“I interpret this as saying that no matter who tries to stop your growth in life, use the negative as a positive,”

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