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Meet Virginia "Ginny" Owens - Carson

Workforce Challenge:

After the company she had worked at for nearly 30 years closed down and moved to Texas, single-mother Virginia (Ginny) Owens, 55, found herself unemployed and in an unfamiliar place.


Workforce Solution:

Ms. Owens participated in the Transitional Subsidized Employment program after visiting the Carson Career Center and one of her assignments was working for the Norwalk Courthouse, an assignment she admitted later that she thoroughly enjoyed and hoped to go back to. After the courthouse assignment, Ms. Owens was working at SCAN Health Plan in Long Beach when she had to go home sick one day. Fate intervened when she received a call from her previous supervisor at the courthouse and was asked to go in for an interview.

Outcome and Benefits:

Having done such an outstanding job at the Norwalk Courthouse during her time as a TSE participant, Ms. Owens was offered a full-time job and is now working as a Court Service Assistant 1.

“Thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to work at the courthouse. I love my new job.”

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