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Meet Misty Torres - Redondo Beach

Workforce Challenge:

Misty Torres, 33, of Redondo Beach, had worked as a phlebotomist for the past nine years and was laid off in 2015. Without a job or immediate prospects, Ms. Torres was struggling to make ends meet. Mother of two, her situation became more challenging when she gained temporary custody of her sister’s two children. With four children to care for, Ms. Torres was more eager and motivated than ever to find a good paying job with insurance benefits.


Workforce Solution:

Ms. Torres came into the Torrance One-Stop ready to find employment. Upon meeting with the case manager, Ms. Torres found she was eligible for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) Adult Program. The One-Stop immediately assisted her in updating her resume which highlighted all the work experience and skills she had accumulated within her nine years of employment.

Outcome and Benefits:

With a fresh resume, Ms. Torres began applying for the positions presented to her by the Torrance One-Stop. Ms. Torres was offered a position as Laboratory Technician doing phlebotomy work at St. John’s Hospital. She negotiated her pay to $24 hourly and was given an excellent health package.

"The assistance I received in updating my resume was very important in helping me land my present job. I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome and thank the One-Stop staff.”

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