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Meet Lina Santos

Workforce Challenge:

Hawthorne resident, Lina Santos, a low-income individual under a supervised release program as required by US Federal Probation, was referred to South Bay Business and Career Centers- Inglewood for employment and training services upon her release. Prior to her conviction, Lina had extensive education and work history in accounting and finance, however the nature of her conviction posed a challenge for her return and reintegration into her previous occupation. She attended a WIOA orientation session in hopes of obtaining the much-needed support to reenter the workforce.


Workforce Solution:

Lina was deemed eligible and enrolled in the Homeless Opportunity for Meaningful Employment program to access specialized services for her subsequent transition into the community. Upon her release and prior to her working with her Career Counselor, Lina successfully secured entry level, transitional employment working in retail and other industries not related to her prior experience or her education levels.

Working with her career counselor, Lina disclosed that the conditions of her release required that an employer must be notified of the nature of her offense and conviction prior to obtaining employment with a company. She also indicated that this had become the biggest challenge in securing employment in the accounting and finance field. Simultaneously, South Bay Business and Career Centers received notification of a Gardena-based company in need of filling a position in the areas of administrative support and accounts payables/receivables.

Outcome and Benefits:

Shortly after the initial meeting with Gardena-based Singla Spices, Lina was assigned to a 300-hour subsidized Paid Work Experience program providing administrative support to warehouse operations. Upon completion of the Paid Work Experience hours, she successfully secured a permanent position with the same company with an hourly wage of $22.50. Her daily duties include providing administrative support directly to the owner of the company in the areas of payroll and general accounting.

“I am grateful for the support received from AJCC staff during my transition. Despite the perceived barriers, I am grateful for the opportunities and assistance with reentering the workforce in a professional and administrative capacity.”

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