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Meet Youstina - Torrance

Workforce Challenge:

Youstina Yacoub, who resides in Torrance, was working at Chick-fil-A before seeking employment services from the Torrance One-Stop Center. She had ended her time at Chick-fil-A in search for a better opportunity and to focus on her career options. Youstina showed interest in the Human Resources field, but felt like it would be hard to find an entry level job with no experience in the field.

Workforce Solution:

Youstina was enrolled in the youth program and staff members began preparing her for a potential internship opportunity at L3 Communications in Torrance. She reviewed interviewing techniques and attained job training through the work-experience program.

Outcome and Benefits:

Youstina applied the skills she obtained at the One-Stop Center and completed a successful interview with L3 Communications and was offered an internship in the Human Resources Department. After Youstina completed her training with the work-experience program, L3 Communications decided to hire her as a full time contractor.

“One-Stop gave me the opportunity to utilize and improve my skills and get a decent position in the field I was interested in.”

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