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Meet Spencer Shortland – Torrance

Workforce Challenge:

Spencer Shortland, a 24 year old from Torrance, was seeking a job so he could earn the money he needed for tuition to continue his education at Los Angeles Harbor College. He had applied to 30 employers and had 20 interviews but was not selected. Since he didn’t have any work experience, Spencer turned to the Torrance One-Stop seeking advice and employment opportunities.

Workforce Solution:

The One-Stop staff determined that Spencer was eligible for the youth program and conducted mock interviews to prepare him for an interview with L3 Communications in Torrance in a work experience internship. He was selected for the position and began a three-month on-the-job training program.

Outcome and Benefits:

Upon completion of his internship, L3 staff was very impressed with his performance and hired Spencer into a full time position. Spencer will also be returning to college and major in the aerospace field.

"The One-Stop Center helped me get back on my feet by getting me into this internship with L3 and then a regular job. And now I’m being trained to fill an important position in the defense contractor/aerospace industry. They even want to support me through college and help pay for any certifications I get. Thanks to my case work Yesenia Tercero and the SBWIB, my life is back on track and my future looks bright. I would recommend SBWIB to anyone looking to start their career."

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