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Meet Kashifu Grandberry – Inglewood

Workforce Challenge:

Kashifu Grandberry, Inglewood High School student at the time, was placed under her maternal grandmother’s care, along with her sister due to their mother’s drug use. Their grandmother was retired and on a limited income. To not feel like a burden to her grandmother, Kashifu decided to search for a job. Although, being in school made it challenging for her along with speaking in a soft voice.

Workforce Solution:

Kashifu heard from her school about the Inglewood One-Stop and their career center that assisted with finding jobs for high school students. She started going to the after school job club and worked on her interviewing skills and creating a resume. She also worked on elevating her voice. With the One-Stop services she worked in the summer program.

Outcome and Benefits:

Kashifu interviewed with McDonalds and got the job. A staff member spoke to the manager afterwards and was told, Kashifu was the top interviewing person out of the nine people that were interviewed. She has since graduated high school with honors, got hired at Home Depot working in customer services, attends West Los Angeles College and signed up for the military in November 2017. She stated, “I am happy to be an American and want to service my county.”

“Going to the job club has been like a second family to me, the staff is wonderful and always patient. The guidance that I received from the job club empowered the direction to strive towards success in my life.”

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