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Meet Jameah Palmer

Workforce Challenge:

Jameah Palmer, a 23-year-old former foster youth, was referred to the South Bay One-Stop Center in Carson by Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services for employment services under the Bridge to Work program. After assessing her needs, it was determined that she would benefit from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act.

Workforce Solution:

Jameah was seeking services as she was homeless and lacked stable transportation, relying solely on public transit. As a freelance artist, she struggled to find gainful employment due to a lack of traditional employment history. Jameah was assigned to a paid work experience position at Better Youth, Inc., where she could utilize her skills as an animator.

Outcome and Benefits:

She demonstrated her commitment through diligence and hard work, taking two buses and two trains to get to work daily. Upon completion of her paid work experience, Jameah received an apprenticeship position with Better Youth Inc.

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