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Meet Isabel Aguallo

Workforce Challenge:

Isabel Aguallo, a youth participant and CalWORKs recipient from Carson, was referred to our One Stop Center for job search assistance. She was seeking employment to assist her grandmother financially, who was raising her alone.

Workforce Solution:

Isabel was enrolled into the “Fit for Gold” Program where she was introduced to various workshops including resume assistance, job shadowing, company tours and career fairs. She received leadership and mentor coaching, life skills guidance, financial literacy, financial aid training, college bound seminars and tutoring assistance.

Outcome and Benefits:

She successfully completed both Blueprint I and Blueprint II work readiness training and was awarded a Gold Level Certification. She completed 120 hours of paid work experience where she exercised the leadership skills she had recently learned to mentor youth in her community at Carson Park. Isabel has successfully graduated from high school with a 4.09 GPA and will be attending California State University, Fullerton.

“The Carson one stop career center helped me gain worked experience and taught me to be on time. The staff welcomed me and explained everything I needed to know to get started which made me feel part of the community.”

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