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Meet Connie - Lawndale

Workforce Challenge:

After earning her degree in Sociology in 2015 from UC Riverside, Connie Choi found it extremely challenging to gain real work experience that would launch her into a career that would interest her. Deciding that working in fast food was not giving her the useful skills she needed to advance in the work force, she visited the South Bay Business & Career Center in Torrance in the Spring of 2017 to seek employment help.

Workforce Solution:

One Stop staff worked with Connie on her interviewing skills and then referred her to L3 Communications in Torrance to interview for a paid internship position.

Outcome and Benefits:

Connie was accepted for the position and during the course of her internship she impressed the Human Resources Manager. When her contract was completed she was offered a full-time position as a Computer Systems Specialist Assistant.

“I had the amazing opportunity to explore a field I had never thought about, gained real work experience that will help me for the long term, gained exposure to working with professionals and gained wonderful mentors. Lastly, I gained the opportunity to show the company I interned for what I could offer, which resulted in being hired full-time.”

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