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Meet Ana Ibarra

Workforce Challenge:

Ana Ibarra, 18-year-old from Inglewood, was attending an academy with college level coursework but was not receiving her desired grades. She felt there was no support for her to succeed and dropped out.

Workforce Solution:

Ms. Ibarra was recruited and enrolled in the SBWIB YouthBuild Program. She became active in the Policy Committee, YouthBuild’s version of ASB, where she was able to assist others, plan school events and encourage her classmates to have school spirit. She also participated in multiple service projects through AmeriCorp.

Outcome and Benefits:

She took charge academically by reaching out to teachers and staying after school to receive one-on-one help. She studied hard and excelled in her construction training and work safety at construction sites. As a result, Ms. Ibarra graduated from the YouthBuild program this past June as the valedictorian. She reflects on the growth of her leadership, time management, and communication skills during her time in the program. She is currently enrolled at El Camino College and plans to transfer to UCLA after two years.

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