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The Airplane Factory - Sling

The Airplane Factory and the Sling Pilot Academy located at the Torrance Airport, have been participating in the SBWIB programs to train and upskill their employees, including hosting pre-apprentices and apprentices. They are also participating in the SBWIB Employment Training Panel (ETP) program and using On-the-Job training grants to upskill 13 of their mechanics.

The Sling Pilot Academy is providing vital comprehensive training for pilots seeking a variety of certifications, ranging from private pilots to commercial licenses, helping to address the ongoing nationwide shortage of commercial pilots. The Airplane Factory, which employs 35 people, is the exclusive North American distributor of the Sling line of aircraft products that are sold throughout the nation and are also available as home-built airplane kits.

The primary Sling Aircraft production line is headquartered in South Africa, which manufactures the parts that are shipped to Torrance for final assembly. The Airplane Factory has operated at the Torrance Airport for 14 years.

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