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Stone Candles

Workforce History:

Daniel Stone, owner/operator of Stone Candles, a candle making manufacturer located in the city of Santa Monica since 1960, produces several candle types and products. Stone Candles continues to experience rapid growth in their industry, resulting in the opening of a second location in the city of Inglewood.

Workforce Challenge:

Due to a high demand for products, Stone Candles sought the assistance of several qualified candidates to meet demand for products. Daniel Stone learned of the SBWIB Services program through a fellow colleague that had previously used the services and was very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy received by program staff. Daniel Stone contacted the Inglewood office and through the TSE Program, a program that enables members of the surrounding communities to be gainfully employed, has been able to meet the company's hiring needs.

Outcomes & Benefits:

By utilizing this program, Stone Candles avoided the need to hire temporary staffing, band unnecessary costs in recruitment and hiring. Stone Candles has been so successful, that they are now looking to open a third location. Daniel Stone has commented that he will definitely use the SBWIB for all their hiring needs once again.

“Not only did I get professional and quick service in fulfilling my needs, but also saved money which helped me develop other positions within my business. I will continue to partner with SBWIB.”

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