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Parker Hannifin - CARSON

Workforce Challenge:

Carson-based, the Parker Hannifin Company is one of the world-leaders in water desalinization and purification. Initially, the company reached out to the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB) requesting assistance as a result of an impending employee layoff. During the initial planning meeting, it was brought to the attention of SBWIB’s Rapid Response Team, that there would be additional 50-60 employees affected as the result of a recent company merger.

The challenge facing Parker Hannifin and its employees was a language barrier. Many of the employees, who were working on the floor in production, were unable to communicate effectively in English. As a result, production and safety issues were being compromised.

Workforce Solution:

To combat the looming layoff, the Rapid Response team switched gears from Layoff planning to Layoff Aversion. SBWIB staff secured one of its local educational partners, Family First Charter, to bring in an on-site instructor to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). The English classes were conducted on-site, three days per week for one hour after shift ended. Class was structured into two groups, one for beginners and the second for intermediate. During class, students were only allowed to communicate in English. The company's safety manual and other working forms were presented, studied and testing was done at the end of eight months for comprehension. Committed to the process and its employees, the company also agreed to pay the employees for a portion of their time in attendance. To date, Parker Hannifin is proud to announce that (45) of its employe es have since completed the program and have been retained.

Outcome and Benefits:

As a result of the ELS classes, Parker Hannifin stated that the comfort and communication level of the employees has increased, safety records have also increased and all employees that completed the program have remained employed. Some of the employees that completed the classes have been promoted and now play a more integral role in the supervision of other employees.

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