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Marvin Engineering Company

Workforce History:

As is the case with other southland aerospace and manufacturing companies, Inglewood-based Marvin Engineering Company (MEC) was having difficulty finding qualified candidates to fill specialized and nonspecialized positions in the areas of administration, manufacturing, CNC machinist, engineering, IT, quality control, supply chain and systems integration.

Workforce Challenge:

The MEC Human Resources Department turned to the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Center - Inglewood in early 2018. The Center’s job development staff immediately began vetting qualified candidates and referred them to MEC for interviews. MEC also participated in a specialized job fair assembled by the SBWIB staff tailored for individuals recently laid off from aerospace and manufacturing industries. MEC was able to identify, hire and retain more than 10 qualified candidates for various open positions.

Outcomes & Benefits:

Outcomes & Benefits:

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