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Lisi Aerospace - Hawthorne

Workforce History:

LISI is an international company specializing in the design and manufacture of high value-added assembly solutions and components in the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors.

Partners of the world's largest players and forged by its long-term family values, LISI has been innovating and investing for over two centuries in its products and industrial facilities to meet the current and future needs of its customers, particularly in terms of quality, safety and performance.

Outcomes & Benefits:

LISI AEROSPACE partnered with the South Bay One-Stop Center to create work opportunities for youth in the South Bay. This program has been mutually beneficial for the company and participating youth in the community by providing valuable work experience in areas such as human resources, engineering, and quality assurance.

The South Bay One-Stop Center have provided LISI with youth workers to assist various departments with different projects and LISI AEROSPACE has provided employment opportunities for many South Bay youth.

“This partnership with the South Bay One-Stop Center has been quite successful and produced a continuous flow of youth workers placed at our organization to assist with business needs.” - LISI AEROSPACE

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