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Lisi Aerospace

Workforce History:

Lisi Aerospace is a worldwide manufacturing specialist for assembly solutions as well as engine and structural components used for aircrafts. Lisi Aerospace designs and manufactures technically advanced solutions and components, in compliance with the highest quality standards. Lisi is a recognized player in the aeronautics, defense and space sector.

Workforce Challenge:

In late 2018, the company was facing difficulty finding the right candidates for a trainee program they developed to meet the company and industry needs for various machine technology/machinists positions and finding qualified candidates to fill their numerous specialized and non-specialized positions that included machinist, electricians, health and safety coordinators, production managers and quality inspectors.

​Lisi Aerospace reached out to Job developers at the South Bay One-Stop Business and Career Center – Inglewood in hopes of getting assistance identifying a pool of individuals for their new machinist trainee program and help find qualified candidates to meet their hiring needs.

Outcomes & Benefits:

Outcomes & Benefits:

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