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El Camino College

Partner Story:

El Camino College has been a long-time partner of the SBWIB in developing strong career pathways to local employers. The college was a founding member of the Aero-Flex and Bio-Flex Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship and has partnered with the SBWIB on a number of grants, including the DOL Scaling Apprenticeship Grant with West Los Angeles College and two recent grants from the CA Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office grants for Bio-Flex and to develop IT-Flex.

El Camino College has partnered with the SBWIB to enroll students each year into the Aero-Flex Pre-Apprenticeship to complete an eight-week internship with Northrop Grumman, after which most are hired and participate in the SBWIB’s On-the-Job training program.

The SBWIB has provided an onsite representative at El Camino College twice a week to provide job readiness services and host at least two job fairs during the semester. Last year, the SBWIB provided 450 one-on-one sessions with El Camino students, conducted 11 workshops, hosted 2 large hiring events, provided 219 job leads, and assisted 27 students in securing employment or internships.

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