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Cilajet Aviation Grade - Gardena

Workforce History:

Gardena-based Cilajet Aviation Grade is a leading provider of a specialty sealant originally developed for the commercial aerospace industry to protect painted and metal surfaces on commercial aircraft, and now has expanded its market to commercial and private aircraft companies, luxury automobile dealerships, and commercial and luxury boats.

Workforce Challenge:

Despite the unprecedented challenges businesses faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cilajet was able to sustain its operations and provide employment opportunities to South Bay residents, including low income adults, youth and individuals with disabilities, thanks to the assistance of the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Centers in Inglewood and Gardena.

Outcomes & Benefits:

Center staff screened and selected job candidates to fill immediate positions, resulting in employment opportunities in administrative and warehouse support for subsidized and justice-involved individuals. While some of their administrative and customer support positions required specific technical skills and experience, Ciliajet created opportunities for individuals with limited work experience. These positions resulted in countless opportunities for youth and individuals with disabilities to gain valuable entry-level experience and chances to build crucial workplace skills and develop their career pathway.

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