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Cilajet Aviation Grade

Workforce History:

Gardena-based Cilajet Aviation Grade, is a leading provider of specialty sealant originally developed for the commercial aerospace industry as the first true, anti-corrosive sealant to protect painted and metal surfaces on commercial aircrafts.

Workforce Challenge:

Unfamiliar with WIOA - funded business services, Company President, Jaci Warren met with South Bay One-Stops Business & Career Centers - Gardena to discuss programs available to the business community. According to Ms. Warren, Cilajet is a team of forward-thinking, industrious individuals who work collaboratively to provide the highest quality customer service, dealer support, and product development to its clients. After conducting an initial assessment, the immediate need was to assist with existing staff shortages to meet the growing demands of the business. Such positions included receptionist, sales, customer service, shipping, and assembler positions.

Outcomes & Benefits:

Cilajet has provided employment opportunities for many South Bay residents including Low Income adults, youth, reentry clients, and individuals with disabilities. Working closely with their recruiting and operations team, Cilajet is committed to a continued industry partnership, ongoing career pathway efforts, and work-based learning opportunities for South Bay residents.

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