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Centinela Valley Union High School District

Partner Story:

For many years, the SBWIB and Centinela Valley Union High School District (CVUHSD) have worked closely together to offer work-based learning opportunities to their academy and pathway students. The SBWIB has provided students with activities such as internships, guest speakers, advisory board members, worksite visits and pre-apprenticeship programs such as Aero-Flex and Bio-Flex.

Inspired by the many successful student outcomes over the years, CVUHSD’s Superintendent, Dr. Stephen Nellman, proposed an innovative idea to have the SBWIB staff co-located on-campus at each the district’s four high schools to provide career services and job coaching that would be available to every student in the district.

The initiative was an overwhelming success over the course of the past school year, leading to over 3,200 engagements between the SBWIB staff and CVUHSD students. This includes 1,438 one-on-one individualized career coaching sessions, 87 career readiness workshops, connections to over 100 local employers and 76 students placed in internship and pre-apprenticeship programs.

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