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Centinela Hospital Medical Center - INGLEWOOD

Workforce History:

Centinela Hospital Medical Center (Centinela Hospital) has provided innovative and integrated healthcare services to the residents of Inglewood and the surrounding areas since 1924. Centinela Hospital is one of only two California hospitals to be ranked among the top 25 hospitals in the nation by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and is recognized throughout L.A. County for exemplary healthcare services.

South Bay Partnership:

Centinela Hospital, under the direction of CEO Linda Bradley, is consistently at the forefront in providing innovative and integrated healthcare. Ms. Bradley also serves as Vice Chair of the South Bay Workforce Investment Board and is Chairperson of the SBWIB’s Healthcare Industry Sector Partnership. Through her leadership, the Partnership works with local hospitals, clinics and post-secondary schools to develop career pathway training programs that meet the regional needs for skilled healthcare professionals.

Outcome and Benefits:

Outcome and Benefits:

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