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California Department of Education

Partner Story:

Through her role as the Arts, Media and Entertainment (AME) Sector Specialist with the California Department of Education, Allison Frenzel has been instrumental in spearheading a statewide effort to increase diversity and representation within the entertainment industry through improved education and training opportunities. She created the Entertainment Equity Alliance, a coalition of dozens of employers, labor, educators, and community organizations, which has utilized direct industry and employer input to create and register over a dozen apprenticeship programs in the creative arts.

She has also helped secure commitments to address equity in employment from some of the biggest names in the film, video game and other creative industries such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Netflix and Live Nation. Working in partnership with the SBWIB, funding has now been secured to place over 500 individuals from barriered and underrepresented populations into apprenticeship, employment and career pathways within the industry. Together, we continue to pursue the resources needed to achieve the goal of increasing diversity and representation by 15% within the entertainment industry over the next five years.

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