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Meet Lewis Anderson

Workforce Challenge:

Lewis Anderson, a young adult who was homeless, was in need of employment services. He visited our One Stop Center in Gardena and shared his challenges securing stable employment due to his substance abuse, homelessness throughout his life as a foster youth, and his limited work history.

Workforce Solution:

Lewis was enrolled in our Youth program services where he received career exploration sessions and an individual service strategy plan, which included a Paid Work Experience assignment. He attended the Blueprint for Workplace Success employment preparation course and was also enrolled in the Homeless Opportunity for Meaningful Employment program to access specialized services for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Outcome and Benefits:

Lewis secured full-time employment as security guard and is now on track with his goal of obtaining a career in law enforcement.

“I am grateful for the opportunities granted by the South Bay One Stops and the exposure I received that allowed me to embark along a pathway to achieving my future employment and career goals.”

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