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L-3 Communication Electron Technologies, Inc. - TORRANCE

Workforce History:

L-3 Electron Communication Technologies Inc., an Aerospace and Defense company located in Torrance was in danger of closing down their South Bay location and moving to Northern California, or out of state. L-3 was facing a potential mass layoff. L-3 reached out to the City of Torrance, who in turn contacted the SBWIB and others for assistance. The SBWIB, along with partners ProPath, Inc., Southern California Edison, The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation and the City of Torrance formed a rapid response team to help L-3 demonstrate to their corporate office that it was economically viable for the company to remain in the South Bay Area.

SBWIB Partnership:

The SBWIB and partners assisted L-3 in various ways to lower their overall costs. The SBWIB has also partnered with L-3 recently to host 5 youth and young adults ages 16-24 for work-experience learning during the year. The SBWIB is looking forward to a successful partnership with L-3 in the coming months.

Outcome and Benefits:

Outcome and Benefits:

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