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Meet Silvia Danna

Silvia Danna, a Redondo Beach resident who had been the Director of Visual Merchandising and Retail Marketing for a significant sports shoe and accessories company for 17 years, chose to resign her position in January 2020 after realizing she was at a professional dead end. She learned about the South Bay Workforce Investment Board’s services offered at the Torrance One-Stop Business and Career Center while attending her unemployment orientation.

Silvia was paired with a career counselor who assisted her in realizing the need for more training and education as well as in the application process for grants for training and education. Additionally, she had access to professional guidance, learned how to write a résumé, and in September 2021, she graduated from the acclaimed UCLA Extension program with a Marketing and Digital Media Hybrid Certificate.

Silvia started receiving requests for job interviews that she otherwise would not have been qualified for because of the training and educational opportunities she was given and a stronger resume. Silvia was hired as the Marketing Manager for New Balance Athletics in January 2022 with a very competitive salary.


“The results from working with the One-Stop Center were overwhelmingly successful. I advise others not to pass up these opportunities and take the time to go through the process, it can redirect your career path and, in some cases, enable you to negotiate a higher salary with your new employer.”

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