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Meet Emily Beltran - Torrance

Workforce Challenge:

Emily Beltran, 61, a Torrance resident, wanted financial assistance to obtain her National Healthcare Association (NHA) certification and advance in her career. This included financial assistance for a Phlebotomy course, NHA exam fee and state license application fee.


Workforce Solution:

The South Bay One-Stop Center provided the assistance she needed, including an assessment, continuous updates on job openings, support for her job search and words of encouragement when she felt discouraged.

Outcome and Benefits:

As a result of the services she received, Emily was able to enroll and finish her phlebotomy course, despite delays due to the pandemic. She also obtained her license and is currently employed at the Hunter Cancer Center of Torrance Memorial Physician Network in Torrance.

“Put Faith and Perseverance together and you’ll find Success.”

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