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Meet Malika Spellman

Workforce Challenge:

Malika Spellman, 25-year-old Compton resident and single mother, had a difficult time transitioning from the military into civilian life. Her goal was to find something with bigger purpose, a career with meaning.


Workforce Solution:

Ms. Spellman was referred to the South Bay One-Stop Business & Career Centers – Inglewood for employment services and enrollment into the Transitional Subsidized Employment (TSE) program. Along with getting work
experience she received assistance with clothing for interviews, transportation allowances and was offered education. Ms. Spellman was placed at EV Connect for her training.

Outcome and Benefits:

EV Connect was impressed with Ms. Spellman’s work they offered her the position full-time after she completed her hours. Ms. Spellman is now a Customer Support Specialist in a career with a company that serves a bigger purpose, as she dreamed.

“Take your time, know the skills you have and find a company to add good value to.”

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